Welcome to the 2019 Open Canoe Symposium!

The symposium offers 4 days of inspiring workshops in open canoe paddling with guides and instructors from Sweden, England, Ireland and USA.

Last day to register is 3th of May

Workshop staff:

Alexandra Conover Bennett
from USA. Certified Master Maine Guide, expert at traditional paddling, poling and canoe expeditions.

Alma Bågefalk
Nature guide, outdoor educator and wilderness canoeist. Canoe expedition experiences from Sweden, Finland and Canada.

Carl Crafoord
Friluftsfrämjandet, responsible for the activies Canoe and Kayak. Experienced in all kind of water activies with a certain weakness for canoing

Fredrik Karlsson
Educator in the Swedish Canoe Federation

Håkan Ekstedt 
Educator in the Swedish Canoe Federation

Jonas Forsmark
In charge of education for the Swedish Canoe Federation, symposium organizer.

Katha Blank
Teacher in friluftsliv and crafts at Sjöviks folk high school. Special interests in textile crafts and plants for food and medicine.

Kersti Beck-Larsson
Friluftsfrämjandet, experienced Kayak och Canoe coach with her roots in Sjöviks folkhögskola

Matt Larsson Clifford
Englishman living in Sweden. Operates Sweden Outdoors Coaching, teaching canoeing and leading expeditions.

Mike Devlin
Former head of education in British canoeing. Experienced leader in all forms of canoeing.

Patrick McCormack
Top National teacher in the Irish Canoe Association.

Bo Weslien
Course leader for the Friluftsliv Course at Sjövik, canoe builder. Expedition paddler and symposium organizer.

Magnus Carlsson
Long-time educator of natur-guides. Wood & canvas canoe builder and paddle maker.

Tobias Lundgren
Woodcraftsman and teacher in friluftsliv at Sjöviks folk high school. Canoeist and skier.

Torbjörn Ängquist
Friluftsfrämjandet, Swedish record in EPP for Canoe and a broad experience in canoing and especially in sailing a canoe.

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How to find us

The symposium takes place at Sjöviks Folk high school, on the shores of Lake Bäsingen and Dalälven river, 10 km east of Avesta in Southern Dalarna.

By train: the nearest station is Avesta Krylbo. We can arrange transportation from the train station to Sjövik .

By car: Follow highway 68 from Avesta towards Horndal, turning at the signs for Sjöviks Folkhögskola shortly after passing through Jularbo. Continue through Folkärna, and arrive at Sjövik a few kilometers later.


Bo Weslien +46706 322 370
Jonas Forsmark +46706 624 521
Carl Crafoord +46705 908 057

Or: canadensarsymposium@sjovik.eu